Pinot Gris

Pinot Gris

[pee-noh gree]

Our Pinot Gris comes from the cooler vineyards of Washington State. This varietal shows best with just a hint of sweetness and lots of acidity. There is a slight white flower aroma to this wine, and being un-oaked allows this to shine through. Pinot Grigio, the Italian name for the same grape, is often produced in a way that is more neutral (with less fruity, floral flavors). Even when made in the US, the name Pinot Grigio connotates that it is a lighter style.

Ingredients/origin: Pinot Gris grapes from Columbia Valley in Washington State

Pale Gold

Grapefruit, orange peel, pear, and white nectarine fuse with hints of hay and mineral notes

Dry to off-dry and light-bodied with refreshing acidity and a distinct note of peach

Light pasta entrees, calamari, ceviche, mussels, Classic Tomato Bruschetta, Over the Border Egg Rolls, Caprese Flatbread, Ellie's Chicken Piccata

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