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We source Lux Cabernet Sauvignon from Mendocino County in California, directly north of Sonoma County. The region allows the grapes to ripen in the warm summer sun, but cool air from the Pacific Ocean ensures the wine has a balance of power and elegance, making it perfect for our Lux Collection. Notes of black cherry and blackberries with aromas of vanilla, coffee, and cinnamon from French oak aging.


Lux Cabernet Sauvignon is made in the style of a classic California Cab: rich and lush, with a focus on ripe fruits along with a generous use of oak. When comparing the Lux Cabernet Sauvignon to our regular Cabernet Sauvignon, you might wonder why notes like bay leaf and bell pepper, which are on the regular Cabernet Sauvignon, do not appear on the Lux. The reason is that the as red grapes ripen, green notes like bay leaf and bell pepper will tend to become lower, leaving you with a lusher expression of the grape. Both styles of wine are fantastic for drinking, and it ends up being a matter of personal preference whether you like one or the other. 


Cabernet Sauvignon comes from Bordeaux, France, and Bordeaux's prominence has helped make Cabernet Sauvignon one of the wine world's stars. Because of easy access by water to the English market, wines from Bordeaux were affordable and widely consumed by the English. When combined with the prominence of the British empire, far flung parts of the world saw Cabernet Sauvignon vines planted and nurtured. 


Aquitaine, the larger region which contains Bordeaux, became part of England back in the 12th century when an English king married the duchess of the region. The French and the English fought over the region many times over the following centuries, but in the mid-15th century the French solidified their hold on the region. By this point, the English had come to love Bordeaux wines and trade between Bordeaux and England was robust. In fact, the first tasting note of a Bordeaux was by an Englishman Samuel Pepys who in 1663 "drank a sort of French wine called Ho Bryen that hath a good and most particular taste I never met with." That winery, Haut-Brion, still makes wine today with a bottle costing around $750. 


Much of the most valuable land in Bordeaux is reclaimed marshland. In the 18th century, Dutch traders brought their know how for land reclamation, helping drain the swamps near the Garonne, the river that runs through Bordeaux. This created what is now considered some of the best places to grow grapes in Bordeaux. 


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