Cooper's Hawk Lux Pinot Noir

Cooper's Hawk Lux Pinot Noir

[pee-noh nwahr]

Crafted in small batches from high-quality, low-yield vineyards, resulting in fruit of intense, concentrated flavors. Ageing in our finest oak barrels helps to soften tannins and add balance, structure, and character designed to evolve gracefully with age.

Our Lux Pinot Noir has received the highest accolades of all of our wines! Don't be afraid to serve red wines slightly chilled. Pinot Noir in particular is delicious on a hot day when it is served chilled.

Ingredients/origin: Pinot Noir grapes from Santa Lucia Highlands, California

Pale ruby

Dark cherry, pepper melange, and green herbs resonate backed by smoky campfire notes and a host of brown spices

Old world in style marrying tart red fruits to earth tones and integrated oak nuances, finishing dry, light, and tart with a hint of spice

Pot roast, grilled salmon, duck confit, Country Rigatoni

Standard Bottle 750 ml

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