Cooper's Hawk Grapevine Decanter

Unlock the full potential of your favorite wines with our iconic Grapevine Wine Decanter. This timeless decanter enhances the aromas, flavors, and overall wine-tasting experience of your favorite Cooper’s Hawk wines. Whether you're a wine connoisseur, or simply someone who appreciates a fine glass of vino, this wine decanter is a must-have addition to your collection.

Patented in 2005 alongside the opening of our very first Cooper’s Hawk location, this meticulously designed wine decanter offers more than just a beautiful appearance, it promotes optimal wine aeration. This means you'll experience the full bouquet of your Cooper’s Hawk wine fragrances, allowing the nuances of each grape variety to shine.

How it Works:

As wine sits in a bottle and ages, the flavors of the wine become closed down and therefore when you open a bottle of wine, it needs to breathe. By aerating your wine with the Grapevine decanter, you are introducing the wine to oxygen which awakens the wine from its slumber. 

As the wine is poured into the funnel of the Grapevine decanter, it flows over a large glass ball. With this glass ball, the wine will hit a much larger surface area and instantly be exposed to a substantial amount of oxygen. This allows for the flavors of the wine to really open up.

You’ll notice the wine decanter’s glass ball is filled with water. This water-filled glass ball can be placed in the refrigerator before you begin decanting in order to help bring down the temperature of your wine.

As the wine is poured over the glass ball it flows into the decanter itself where it continues to be aerated and all the wonderful bouquet of wine flavors can be released.

The Grapevine decanter also includes a convenient spout at the bottom of the funnel to alleviate any drips or spills. Just raise the lever on the spout to enjoy the full bouquet of a beautifully opened and aerated Cooper’s Hawk wine.

  • Features a stainless steel construction in a black finish, custom-blown glass, and a marble base.
  • Easy to clean- hand wash recommended.
  • Signature required for delivery.
  • 27" H x 8.5" W x 12" D
  • $219.99

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