Cooper's Hawk Bordeaux Wine Glass

Our Cooper's Hawk Bordeaux Wine Glass aims to enhance the experience of our Cooper's Hawk red wines, which are often full-bodied with complex aromas and flavors.

The tall bowl of a Bordeaux glass allows ample space for the wine to aerate and develop its aromas. This shape also helps to concentrate the bouquet towards the nose, enhancing the olfactory experience. The broad base provides stability and allows for swirling, which helps to release the wine's aromas and oxygenate it, thereby unlocking its full potential. The rim of a Bordeaux glass is slightly narrower than the widest part of the bowl, which helps to direct the wine to the center of the palate, accentuating the wine's flavors and ensuring a smoother delivery.

Bordeaux glasses often feature a long stem, which serves two purposes: it allows the drinker to hold the glass without warming the wine with their hand, and it adds an element of elegance to the overall design.

Our Cooper's Hawk Bordeaux Wine Glass is made of thin, delicate glass, enhancing the tactile experience of drinking wine and allowing the drinker to fully appreciate the wine's texture and mouthfeel. The glass also features an etched Cooper's Hawk Logo on the center of the bowl.

Bring home a little bit of Cooper's Hawk with you by enjoying your wine in our very own Cooper's Hawk Bordeaux Wine Glass.

  • Capacity: 18 oz
  • Care: Dishwasher safe
  • $12.99