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Our Ice Wine is made from Vidal Blanc grapes sourced from Michigan. Aromas of honeycomb, candied lemon, white flowers, mango, and peach meet with a lush texture on the palate. Richly sweet, the wine has enough natural acidity to ensure it is balanced and not cloyingly sweet. 


Ice wine made from white grapes tends to have strong flavors of honey, citrus, stone fruit like peach and dried apricot, and juicy tropical fruits like mango. Ice wine made from red grapes will have notes of red fruits like strawberries instead of stone fruits. 


Ice wine is a type of dessert wine produced from grapes that freeze while still on the vine. The partially frozen grapes are then picked and pressed immediately. Because they are partially frozen when pressed, some of the water that would be in the grape must (unfermented grape juice) is left behind. The advantage is that both sugar and flavor become more concentrated in the final wine, but the disadvantage is that the process significantly reduces yields and increases costs. Because of this increased cost, bottling Lux Ice Wine in half bottles allows us to offer it at a more affordable price. Additionally, dessert wines traditionally are served in smaller volumes than table wine because they are very satisfying in small amounts. 


Although the Romans might have made ice wine, the first confirmed record of ice wine is from Franconia, Germany, in 1794. Winemakers risk losing their grapes to diseases like mildew if they let ripe grapes hang on the vine, so ice wine was rare in the past and only done when freak weather caused a massive freeze right before harvest. In the 19th century, before the invention of mechanical refrigeration, only six vintages of ice wine were produced in Germany. In the 1980s, Canadian wineries in the Niagara Peninsula started to produce ice wine commercially. In 1991, a Canadian ice wine won the prestigious Grand Prix d'Honneur at VinExpo in Bordeaux, France. This put the world on notice that Canada was now a prime producer of ice wine. 


The Vidal Blanc grape varietal is very popular for making ice wine in Canada as well as New York and Michigan. Our Ice wine received the award of “Best of Show” at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition. 


Moscato, Gewürztraminer

1/2 bottle - 375 ml

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