Aervana Select

The Aervana Select gives you the most control and flexibility of any aerating product yet. With the turn of a dial, the Aervana Select allows you to choose exactly the right amount of aeration for the wine being served. Setting the dial to the zero degree position means the equivalent of pouring a glass straight from the bottle, or no aeration, while setting your dial to the maximum, or 120 degree position, approximately correlates to pouring a bottle into a decanter and expositing it to air for three hours. With the same easy-to-use, push-button technology as the rest of the Aervana aeration line, the Select allows you to dispense wine directly into your glass with the push of a button. Aervana is an electric product and is not dishwasher safe. Aervana can be cleaned by dispensing water through the unit from an empty wine bottle filled with water just as you would normally dispense wine through the product. If desired/needed, take a slightly damp washcloth and wipe the exterior of the Aervana to clean it.

  • Available On-Line Only
  • Includes our stainless steel tube that telescopes to accommodate wine bottles from 750 ml to 1.5L
  • The pour spout is stainless steel, and the tube inserted in the bottle is a food safe PET plastic. The cover is ABS plastic with electro-plated finish.
  • Countertop stand to elegantly store your Aervana Select
  • Product Weight: 1.94 lbs
  • Product Dimensions: 11.4" x 5.9" x 2.5"
  • Hand wash
  • $129.99

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